During these times of great change in our world, take some time to receive a spiritual perspective on your life and creations. Clairvoyant readings with Lucia offer a wonderful format for receiving nonjudgmental information about you, the soul, in relationship to your life experience. Information about past lives, the main theme in each layer of your aura, and how it relates to your chakras, will be shared. There is also time for your questions.

Why get a clairvoyant reading?

A reading can give you information about how you are manifesting what you wish for in relationship to work, relationships, health and more. It can help you understand how you as spirit are working with your body in reality and offer information about anything that may be blocking you from creating what you want.

  • Enhance self-knowledge
  • To receive a spiritual perspective on a physical challenge
  • To compliment or enhance other healing modalities
  • A fun way to give to yourself

With a clairvoyant reading, you will receive acknowledgement of your unique vibration and how you are manifesting it in this life. Receiving a reading validates what is, whether it is something you like or something you wish to let go of. The beauty is that you can have what is desired and release that which is no longer wanted. I believe all healing is self-healing. Change is a choice; it begins within and ripples outward into our world.

“Be the change you wish to see.” —Mahatma Gandhi

You create your reality from your beliefs. This concept applies to everything in life, from seemingly small things to big endeavors. Having a spiritual perspective on your creations can assist you in shifting from reliving old patterns to creating new ways of operating in the present. Recognizing a lie you believe to be true is the first step toward letting it go. Likewise, the affirmation of a truth you already know can strengthen your self-trust and courage to make a change.

As a spirit, it takes no effort to let go and change. Bodies require time and space. Differences may be challenging in any relationship, including the one between spirit and body. Grounding connects the spirit to the body and the earth, opening the door to communication and harmony. I use the foundation of grounding and other spiritual techniques to create a safe, healing space for my readings.