LuciaArts offers art classes and summer camps for primarily elementary ages, ceramic workshops and a Clay Club for adults.

  • Connect with yourself, art and community.
  • Discover elements of art with innovative curriculum
  • Ceramics, drawing, watercolor and multi media
To create a wholesome framework for self expression and validation in the emergence of art.
After observing the protocol for COVID-19 and the phase approach for reopening Washington,  we have decided to cancel LuciaArts classes and camps. Updates will be posted on this website, my facebook page, and via e-mail of any changes. Thank you for your interest that will make it possible to gather together for classes, camps and workshops again when the time is right.  Feel free to check out my blog for occasional postings of art activities.  Enjoy your creativity!
“My daughter had a great experience at LuciaArts! Lucia gives excellent, professional art instruction, all the while it is fun for her students. I highly recommend Lucia’s summer camps!”           Moira Chapeau

School and Community Programs

Photo Credits: Wei Wei Perry


After-school arts enrichment classes for Bellingham elementary schools and community have been ongoing since 2008.   Basic skills and techniques are taught and practiced with activities that spark our intuitive nature and creativity. Sessions begin with open-ended activities that tie into the elements of art such as line, shape, color and more. Representing subjects from nature, ourselves and our interests through drawing, painting and ceramics is an integral part of the program.


Balancing Game during an arts enrichment class. Photo Credits: Wei Wei Perry,


Movement and yoga offer kids ways to connect with their bodies. It may be used tointroduceconcepts related to art or to release tension after focussing on small motor skills during class. Programs are tailored to the age, space and needs of the group.  A flexible structure nurtures child-led choices through art.



“My daughter really enjoyed LuciaArts classes and the beautiful art she created is all over our house brightening almost every room!”
Rebecca Sipsey,  Northern Heights teacher


Art and the Garden, Summer Camp


In the process of creating art we communicate, play, make changes, problem solve, express and learn about ourselves.



Glazing ceramic creations during the Create with Clay summer camp, 2017

“ Art is important because you can express your feelings and how you want people to know you.
Kate, 2nd grade