Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

This is a collection of original watercolor paintings by Lucia Burgess that have been printed for greeting cards ©2022. Many of the subjects are from the Pacific Northwest and Bellingham Washington. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing or marketing my greeting cards.

Drawing and Painting Emotions

  Here is an activity for ages 5 and up. You will need:Water proof pen, crayons or oil pastels, watercolor paint, paint brush, thick paper (preferably watercolor paper), small container of water (for wetting brush and maybe a rag to dab it on). This can also be modified to use any materials you have available….

Why is art important?

Why art is important in my life.  By Lucia Burgess 5-22-15 I was diagnosed with dyslexia while in elementary school and received help in training my eyes for reading. I remember my mother saying, “You were so bright and it was hard to understand why you were having trouble in school.” It’s true that I…