School Programs

Classes can be offered at schools and community programs.  The curriculum begins with
open-ended activities related to the elements of art. Techniques are taught and practiced using activities that spark our intuitive nature and creativity.  Themes are explored through a variety of mediums like  drawing, painting, collage and pottery making. Creative movement and yoga are used to enhance a lesson plan based upon group interest.  The focus is adapted to the needs of the group or to a topic such as nature, animals and self-concept.  Art classes may also be designed for a school subject, books, poetry, famous artists and the student’s ideas.  My goal is for students to be comfortable with risk-taking in art and making mistakes, because that is how we learn. The outcome is secondary to enjoying our individual process and authenticity.

Photo Credits: Tiffany Brooks

LuciaArts has offered after school arts classes at  Parkview, Sunnyland, Wade King, Northern Heights and Lowell elementary schools.

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