A Photo Album: Reflections on the 2015 Sunnyland Stomp

The culmination of preparing the space, art, and food all came together on a very full Sunnylandstomp 2015 Stomp Day.  It started with the children’s activities at Sunnyland Park where we listened to our daughter and friends sing out.  I enjoyed the company of friends and neighbors who stopped by to see what my family is currently doing.  We all participated, including the showing of Mike’s wrought iron work.  Elise played her viola and I displayed my garden tiles Stomp fishand coiling bowls. I also exhibited  artwork I have from practicing my lesson plans. Viewing all
that artwork in one place was a colorful reminder of all the learning and fun that occurred in my classes before I move on to another year of teaching.  There was a steady and sometimes overflowing stream of kids and parents creating together at the art table.  Thank you, Peter and Camille, for all of your help, and thanks also to everyone who gave me permission to take photos.  I hope to see you again – in a class, summer camp or around the neighborhood.

Art Table 2015

Lucia Stomp 2015