Lucia Burgess

Lucia has been drawn to the healing arts since her teen years. She began learning about holistic remedies and creating through art and dance as a way to shift and lift her spirits. During her early twenties, she began taking classes for meditation and healing and joined a Clairvoyant training program at the CDM Spiritual Teaching Center. It was a year of learning and practicing spiritual techniques and doing several readings a week with other students. After being ordained in 1983, Lucia completed an Apprentice reading program, worked as a psychic reader, and continued to pursue her path through years of classes, programs, and volunteer work.

Validating the spiritual element in healing turned on a light for her that led her to a life-long pursuit of healing and greater understanding through clairvoyant reading.

Self Portrait

Her life has been enriched by having two children, during which time she also taught yoga classes and created a business, LuciaArts, teaching art classes for kids. After decades of teaching, the pandemic interrupted the classes, and she began to hear a calling to return to offering psychic readings. Meditating daily since her early twenties has been a valuable practice for maintaining a spiritual perspective and balance with life’s lessons in our ever changing world.

The business name LuciaArts will remain for the sake of simplicity and because the name Lucia means light, a common word for spirit. The word “arts” reflects mastering the spiritual techniques for reading, healing and communication.

Lucia lives in Bellingham, Washington with her husband and enjoys playing pickleball, gardening, cooking, and hiking with family and friends. Watercolor painting and ceramics continue to be integral forms of self expression. For more information about where to find her art work go to Upcoming Events. Lucia brings a wealth of life experience to her gift as a reader and healer.