Clairvoyant Readings

With Lucia Burgess

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“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it.” Albert Einstein

During a reading pictures, colors, and symbols are translated to describe the energy that I see. An hour-long Clairvoyant Reading consists of three parts. It starts with a Rose Reading, which gives an overall view of you as a spirit with a body. Next is an Aura reading, which gives more details about what is happening with you on various levels of being. Third is a time for question. You may ask any question about your life to receive a neutral perspective on the situation and information what is happening energetically. Half hour readings are also available.

Rose Reading:

The symbol of a rose is used to look at the current main theme of the soul at present and the spirit-body relationship. The flower is used to describe the spirit in relation to their concept of God, or supreme being, which is represented by the sun. The rose hip represents spirit/body communication; the stem represents a time line for how long the soul has been incarnating in bodies on this planet; and gold rings on the stem show past lives and what you are currently learning from them.

Aura Reading:

In the Aura reading, colors are used to interpret the vibration in each layer of the aura as it relates to the seven major chakras. For example, the first layer closest to your body relates to the first chakra, which has to do with survival information. The second chakra and layer relate to emotions. The third chakra and layer relates to energy distribution. The fourth chakra and layer relate to affinity. The fifth chakra and layer relate to communication. The sixth chakra and layer relate to clairvoyance. The seventh chakra and layer relate to knowingness. I describe the significance of the color in each layer of the aura as well as symbols and how you are using the information in your chakras.

Some subjects for possible questions include:

  • Relationships, friends, family, spouse, children
  • Work
  • Health
  • Communication
  • Healing projects
  • Spirit /Body balance
  • Blocks to creating what you wish for
  • Your path this lifetime


My experience with Lucia was insightful and meaningful. She is kind and easy to spend time with. She began our session with an aura healing. And when she began her “reading”, I was really touched by her intuition and her ability to see me and share her thoughts. Before going there, I spent time centering on what questions I might ask.. the facets of myself that needed more clarity. But I never had to ask them because Lucia touched on every aspect of myself from my past life experiences to the place I am now. I am grateful for the experience we shared. I left feeling contemplative, yet more sure of myself and empowered to move forward in life. I recommend others to visit her for a meaningful experience. Laurie R

Lucia’s reading was powerful for me. It helped me to affirm the path I am on. The reading helped to strip off an outer layer of fear I was holding and propel me towards the action I am ready for. I can see things shifting in my life towards healing through joy and progress. I am grateful for the reading experience and recommend it to anyone who feels a call for themselves. JA

I am a recently widowed woman, at a crossroads, asking myself, “Who am I continuing to become?” That’s why I sought Lucia out. Her non-touch (aura healing) provided me with a feeling of openness, lightness, and release. Lucia’s aura reading for me was remarkably profound. It confirmed some anxieties with which I have grappled throughout this lifetime. But most of all, I appreciated Lucia’s insights into the WHY of it all. Why the influences in this life, and in previous lifetimes have contributed to my concept of who I am. Lucia’s gentle, carefully worded presentation were comforting and disarming, and thus enabled me to best receive her healing messages. Anna W.

“I have enjoyed my readings from Lucia and have come back several times because I love her directness and experienced a different perspective from what she sees.  Sometimes it helps to have a different perspective!  I highly recommend getting a reading from her! Experience it for yourself!   The other refreshing thing is her amusement.”   Lara W.


$100 for 1 hour Rose & Aura reading with time for questions.
$50 for half hour reading

1 hour, includes reading of rose, aura and your questions.

1/2  hour reading includes Aura reading and questions

1/2 hour reading includes Rose reading and questions

1/2 hour questions only. For those who would like to devote the whole time to working on a particular issue.

Meeting in person for a Reading is now an option for people in Bellingham WA, (Please be symptom free of COVID or wear a mask)
Reading via phone: (an audio recording will be sent as well)
Recorded reading only:  For this option I will do the reading and send you a recording of it. You do not need to be present for this reading format. I will need your questions before doing the reading.