Better than expected: Letting go

Let go of expectations and realize things may be better than expected. 

Over twenty years ago, I totally severed my ACL as a beginning skier, necessitating surgery. Certain activities cause my knee to swell, resulting in limited mobility and pain. For me, this is difficult as I have always been a very active person. This has forced me to slow down, and if you know me, this is no small feat. I’ve had to refrain from some of the physical activities that I enjoy. It was hard to let go of playing pickleball for a while to heal my knee, and yet this shift freed up time for other desires, like meditation, painting, and accomplishing work goals. Instead of pushing myself to meet an expectation, slowing down helps me focus on what I want.

Striving for a concept of perfection can block creativity, the willingness to begin and make a mark. Making mistakes is an integral part of learning. Fear often seems to be at the root of this attempt to be perfect. If there is no imminent danger, there is no need to fear. It could be linked to a past experience. Take a moment, breath deeply, be in the present moment, and let it go. Accepting things as they are is the first step to creating change and we may discover that we are right where we need to be.

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