A Story About Manifesting

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This is written to share some experiences about taking some risks and making changes in my work. 

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I have been reflecting on joy with my new work focus in 2022. In place of teaching art classes for kids, I returned to doing clairvoyant readings, while continuing to do my ceramics and watercolor painting. It was like taking a leap. 

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A business consultant questioned my choice to move on from teaching. She expounded on her doubts about how I would generate business doing clairvoyant readings. Fortunately, I trusted in myself and my path. I began taking steps to create a foundation for my work by building a website, updating my logo, and researching ways to market my business. Such endeavors have been important yet it’s my spiritual techniques that have brought the most significant results.

One of my teachers, M.F. Doc Slusher, writes about manifesting in the book ‘I Believe’. “We are so programmed that we must expend a lot of energy to accomplish anything. If we fail, it is because we did not try hard enough. We can’t understand that all we have to do is desire something to happen and believe it will happen and it will.” 

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During my daily meditations, I used my spiritual techniques to manifest people who want readings. A week later, as I was gardening, I heard a woman singing. She was walking her dog and stopped to converse with me. In response to an inquiry, I told her that I do psychic readings. She confided a desire for some healing with respect to the major life changes she was experiencing. This woman did not come to me from my website/blog, an ad in a local paper, nor social media. These marketing steps have been essential. And yet, I am convinced that something divine was getting the ball rolling

Another patron, decided to stop searching for a healer because she believed it would manifest itself. Then here she was, at my door, the result of word of mouth. My spiritual mock-ups were beginning to materialize.

Meanwhile I sought a place to market my artwork during the holiday season and stumbled upon the Majestic Artisan Market. Once again, I was amazed that my meditation enabled me to reach my exact goal for the upcoming art sales. It is working, my desire and belief is helping me manifest what I want.

Creating and embracing the release of my artwork to appreciative people is a joy even when I have become attached to certain pieces. Though it has taken countless hours of my time and energy, my happiness with doing what I desire is a sign that I am on my path.

A Clairvoyant reading can give you information about how you are manifesting what you wish for in relationships, in work, in health and more. It can help you understand how you as spirit are working with your body and this reality and offer information about anything that may be blocking you from creating what you want.

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