Clarification about my work as a clairvoyant reader

With regard to the quote by George Eliot, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” I would like to share some of my story. I was talking to someone about my website,, who was surprised that I do not predict the future or give advice during a reading. He said, “Then what do you do in a reading?” Good question.

Below are two simple definitions of the words psychic and clairvoyant that resonate with me and clarification about what I do as a reader.

“The Meaning of Clairvoyant Is Clear


In French, “clairvoyant” literally means “clear-seeing,” mentally or optically.


adjectiveAlso psy·chi·cal [sahy-ki-kuhl].

  1. of or relating to the human soul or mind; mental.

Some definitions suggest that a clairvoyant or psychic reading predicts the future, and there are other stereotypes that do not fit for me. For example, I do not predict the future or give advice because I respect people’s free will and ability to make their own choices in life. One of my teachers, Doc Slusher said, “If the future is written, we can rewrite it.” What a relief! My readings offer a neutral, non judgmental perspective of your life and experiences. Awareness is the first step toward change, healing, and realizing one’s own desires.

Another definition that I found mentioned is that being psychic or clairvoyant is a “special” ability. This is not true for me either. We all have the ability to see clearly and may be able to recall times when we saw the truth about a person, place, or thing. We know when we acted on that truth or wish we had and learned from the experience. Seeing clearly is different from analyzing something. It is simple and clear; that is how spirit operates. Seeing clearly is an ability of the soul.

Clear seeing is not always encouraged, so it has been helpful for me to let go of blocks to my clairvoyance and remember how to use this ability. In my early twenties, I began taking meditation and healing classes and completed two years of clairvoyant training programs at the CDM Spiritual Teaching Center. During this time, I learned the one-hour aura reading format and much more. I did readings for the public several times weekly with other students at various levels in the program. It was challenging, as all healing is self-healing and incredibly fulfilling. I continued with classes and doing readings as a volunteer and for a time professionally for over 25 years. I came back to offering professional readings again in 2021.

I use my spiritual techniques to tune into the vibration of the soul that I am reading. I am not a medium and do not attempt to channel energy (another concept frequently associated with psychic or clairvoyant readers). In fact, I have learned that my unique vibration works best for my body, and as a reader and healer, I offer this space to others. Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy.” During a reading, pictures, colors, and symbols are translated to describe the energy that I see. Below is a brief description of the one-hour aura reading format.

The symbol of a rose is used to look at the current main theme of the soul at present and the spirit-body relationship. The flower is used to describe the spirit in relation to their concept of God, or supreme being, which is represented by the sun. The hip on the rose represents spirit/body communication, the stem denotes a time line for incarnations on this planet, and gold rings represent pertinent past lives.

In the aura reading, colors are used to interpret the vibration in each layer of the aura as it relates to the seven major chakras. Each chakra relates to an aspect of being spirit in a body. The following is a list of the basic focus in each chakra for the purpose of this reading format: 1st chakra: survival; 2nd chakra: emotions; sexuality; 3rd chakra, energy distribution or power; 4th chakra: affinity for self and others. 5th chakra, communication; 6th chakra, clairvoyance; 7th chakra, knowingness.

Lastly, You may ask about anything in your life, like work, relationships, health, and more. I will offer a spiritual view and information about what is happening energetically.

Here are some excerpts from testimonials:

A reading may help an individual increase certainty about something they already know but have not validated.

 “I spent time centering on what questions I might ask.. the facets of myself that needed more clarity. But I never had to ask them because Lucia touched on every aspect of myself from my past life experiences to the place I am now.”  Laurie R

A reading may acknowledge an energy that is causing a physical disturbance and block forward motion.

“The reading helped to strip off an outer layer of fear I was holding and propel me towards the action I am ready for.” JA

A reading may offer an new way of looking at a situation and help someone understand what they are learning from it.

““I have enjoyed my readings from Lucia and have come back several times because I love her directness and have experienced a different perspective from what she sees.” Lara R

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