Angels in the Lost Canyon

In the eroding rock formation pictured above, I see the profile of a noble face watching over the colorful horizon in the Needles District of Utah. It also reminds me of a day with my husband in the canyonlands. We took a wrong turn while hiking on the aptly named Lost Canyon trail and descended for a couple of miles before realizing we had gone astray. The red rock and canyons can be like a maze, and the implications of being lost on this deserted trail were apparent. I stayed calm and silently asked the angels to help us find our way. Angles respect space; therefore, it is necessary to ask. Fortunately, we ran into some experienced backpackers who helped us turn around and find the trail we were looking for. This experience reinforced my notion to be prepared and use a good map and compass. After getting back on track, we ascended to some majestic views like the one in this painting and made it back to our campsite just before a heavy downpour. It turned out to be a much longer hike than planned, and I was grateful to be back at our shelter as the sun was setting. I have been amazed and frequently amused by the outcome of asking angels for help in my life, from finding something I have misplaced to coping with dental surgery and much more. It is simple, free, and requires no effort. We are never alone, so just ask.

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